Reliability Engineering - (신뢰성공학)

Undergraduate course, IE-2700581, 2024


  • Reliability Engineering (IE-2700581) will focus on developing an understanding of the concepts of reliability theory and their applications to practical problems from engineering, life science, etc.
  • Topics covered in this class include: (i) Review of old material: probability, random Variables, expectation, variance, etc. (ii) System reliability. (iii) Parametric estimation methods. (iv) Types of censoring. (v) Parametric lifetime models. (vi) Linear models. (vii) Basic accelerated lifetime models.
  • The popular R statistical language or Rstudio will be handled in this class.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand basic concepts about probability and hazard.
  2. Understand basic concepts about system reliability.
  3. Understand parameter estimation methods.
  4. Understand censoring schemes.
  5. Utilize basic probability theories in various lifetime data applications.
  6. Construct various parametric lifetime models.
  7. Analyze and develop lifetime models.
  8. Do statistical inference on various lifetime models.
  9. Use R language.